decreases cumulative
yield up to 12% 
on walnut orchards.*

SOIL PRO helps growers reduce annual tree and yield losses from Crown Gall, IMPROVING ROI.

*Lynn Epstein (2008) California Agriculture Volume 62, Number 3, page 111.

Soil Pro_bottle

SOIL PRO turns on genes associated with stress tolerance due to drought and drastic temperatures.

It works from the first application!
And it helps optimize your fertilizing program.

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On your first purchase of SOIL PRO* with a minimum of 50 acres after filling out this form.

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Boosts plant’s natural ability to defend itself against pathogens, such as Crown Gall disease. It gives farmers the natural tools to create an unfavorable environment for the disease in order to fight off the infection.

It works systemically to

Enhance root growth

Improve water
and nutrient uptake

Improve fertilizing

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I’m thrilled to have it.  It really, really works against Crown Gall.”

Walnut Grower. Modesto, CA.

We’ve never seen a product that works like SOIL PRO… We spend less in labor to measure and control crown gall.

Field Manager. 700 acres Walnut orchard. Tehama, CA.